On-demand personal styling. Connect with a personal stylist for a makeover of your home, wardrobe, jewelry & accessories. Buy designer fashion clothing & home decor products.

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My Role

  • Web and Mobile Product Design
  • Front End Development
  • Marketing via social media
  • Everything in between


Our main challenge is to connect fashion stylists, merchants and buyers on a single platform.

This helps stylists to find more clients, merchants to sell products and buyers to buy the items they want.


Zunati is your place to transform and perfect the look of you or your home. Find and connect with professional stylists to create the new look you have always wanted. As a professional interior designer or wardrobe stylist, Zunati helps you build your brand and you get paid for doing what you love.

In late 2013 Kunal approached me with an idea of a shopping app. He wants to make a social discovery app to make shopping smarter. But through the development process it transformed into a full-fledged product platform.

We had a tiny team and I was working remote. I work mostly as a part-time, managing my other projects. Being the only designer, I involved in every aspect of the product. From initial concept to design, development and marketing of web and mobile platform.

The Beginning

Founder of the product, Kunal approached me with an idea of a shopping app. He wants to make a social discovery app to make shopping smarter. Earlier named as shopvize; we had a small set of features to get started. It was aimed at Android platform and suppose to extend on iOS and web.



I have gone through the features. Done some initial research and made quick & dirty wireframes of the app.

android wireframes
android wireframes
android wireframes
android wireframes

Android Design

Once the wireframes are ready; I designed the interface and all other screens which are required for android version.


IOS Design

I have also designed the iOS app, keeping the minimum functionalities.

iphone walkthrough
iphone walkthrough


After several months of hard work; the app made live. But then we felt that this is not going to survive in long run. We have to do it differently so that we will get a broader audience who can use our product. So we scrapped everything we had and started all over again from scratch to focus on actual problem solving.

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