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My Role

  • Web and Mobile Product Design
  • Front End Development
  • Marketing via social media
  • Everything in between


Our main challenge is to create such a platform where fashion stylists, merchants and buyers can connect with each other.

This helps stylists to find more clients, merchants to sell products and buyers to buy the items they want.



We launched our MVP in end of 2014. We are now receiving feedback from users about the product. One of the common feedback received is that product still misses the engagement factor between the stylist, designer and users. Also stylists are not getting enough exposure what they actually want. Moreover users also have a few ways to connect with the stylists. We thought over this :

  • How do we engage the users ?
  • How do we build a relation between these 3 peoples?
  • How can a stylist get more exposure?
  • How to increase the retention factor?
  • How users can directly interact with stylists?

We start talking to some of the designers; who are using the product. We listen to them and start thinking in this direction.

Towards A New Direction

After several conversations, feedbacks and thoughts; we try to find a solution for this. We called it as "Styleme".

Our Very first Draft look like this:

  • Anyone who has not signed up (on signup) or have already signed up should be able to view "Style me" page
  • On this page he will post his styling requirements and publish the buyer to the stylist
  • The stylist see these buyers and engage with them
  • They create trunk shows and send them to the buyer
  • Buyer selects one of the stylist to go with and buys the items from that trunk show and now becomes a client of the Stylist


Once we settle down on something; it’s time to make it in real. Some of the early explorations of this concept looks like this:


There are basically 2 views of the Style me requests.


Post Request View

Once users post requests, all the requests shows up. Its like a community where anybody can see any request and act upon it. Anybody can post his/her requests.


Request Detail View

In this view the request is shown in extended format with all the required details. All the responses, comments and shows listed here. Users can directly connect with the stylists/designers.

UI Revamp

The major change we did in the current version is the UI enhancement. All the screens designed from ground up. More focus is given on crisp and clear look, simple and easy to use interactions and more tools for to get their job done. Apart from revamp; we also added a few more sections like:

  • Card based design
  • Cover images for profile section
  • Drag and drop for creating the look
  • Simpler flow for creating portfolios
  • The newly introduced styleme (now "requests") section
  • Modified upload section for adding images

Card Based Design

We have taken the card based approach to display the majority of the information. We have used it for stylist request, look, portfolio, product and favorites.


Stylists Revamped UI



Users land on this page upon signin. All the recent requests appears here. Users can respond them to get started.



This is stylists home. It may also be seen as dashboard. All his activities are listed here. Its the snapshot of all his actions.


Drag and drop images to create a look

Users can select products from different categories listed. Drag and drop products to create the desired look or arrange the products as needed.



Card based looks page. All the created looks appears here. Clicking on any of the image goes to the detail view of that product.



Stylists can showcase their previous work/projects here. They can just add a few images and a small description of that and the portfolio is ready !


Detail view of Portfolio

All the images of the created project appears here. Each image has its description if needed. Other peoples can comment over this. This can be shared was well.

Seller Revamped UI


Add products

Adding multiple products is now made easy. Just drag-n-drop images, add some basic info and your products are now ready to sell !


Seller Shop

All the added products are categorised here. To give more control to a seller; seller can create seperate folders for different type of products.


Step wise purchase

Interested users buy products from here. All the relevent info regarding the product is shown here. Its a 3 step process. User customize his product, add shipping info and proceed to payment.



Users can write their reviews and give ratings to a seller or a stylist. Similarly one can ask for recommendations inviting friends via email or social networks.

Buyer Revamped UI


Buyer Home

A potential buyer home page. A buyer ask for style dillema via style requests. He can explore the products wants to buy. Make a collection of his liked products in favorites.



Products can be added to favorites section via bookmarklet. Just select the image and add optional description or price. Any product can be saved via various shopping sites here.

Introducing Widgets

A Widget is a piece of code; which users can embedd in their existing site or blog. This helps them to reach over a broader audience; while maintaining the presence and a personal zunati profile.


Zunati Bookmarklet

Users can save images/products of their choice through this bookmarklet.


Landing pages


We also added a blog section. Latest trends, articles, tips and tricks are posted here on a regular basis.


Its Still Not Over Yet !

The work is still not finished yet. We are trying hard to make "zunati", a leading platform for professional stylists. Why don't you see yourself !

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