LegacyShield is an easy-to-use, cloud-based platform that enables you to build a strong and lasting legacy while also ensuring that the loved ones you leave behind have all the information they require.

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My Role

  • SaaS Product Redesign
  • Android app Design
  • Front End Development
  • Some of the Marketing Stuff


We had a distributed team from 3 different locations. Main challenge of the product is to create a comepelling experience across web and mobile platforms.

The UI needs to be simple and user friendly, so that users (mostly mid-age) can interact with the product easily.

Product Redesign

The main UI of the product has already done mostly with the help of developers. So it desperately needs an overhoul. I have gone through all the screens and started making notes of what needs to be done on each screen.

Also since the UI has already been developed and backend is ready to plug in, there is a challenge to make changes keeping the existing UI intact. I have taken this into consideration and started designing the elements which needs the most attention.


Marketing Web Site

The work of marketing web site started early on. I have taken notes from previously done site. Make a list of things which work and which don't. Studied the product concept; started with rough sketches and gradually heads up into design process.

Landing Page

It took several iterations to actually build the landing page. I have tried with several combinations before coming up with final design.


How It Works Infographic

I also designed the step-by-step infographic which is going to used to describe the "how it works" process.

how it works infographic
how it works infographic
how it works infographic
how it works infographic

Misc UI

mgmt team

Mobile UI

Mobile UI is made on the same lines as web, so as to be insync with the product.


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