Cardiomeet is an online platform to connect, access, discuss, share, contribute scientific knowledge in building a closely knit cardiology community.

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My Role

  • Web Product Design
  • Front End Development


Main challenge is to create a platform for cardiologists keeping in mind that the majority of users will be non-technical.

We also have a short timeline, since there is an initial launch scheduled in 3 months time. In this shorter span of time we have to build the product from scratch.

What Is Cardiomeet ?

After our initial discussion on the product, I asked prateek to answer some of the questions which are in my mind. I asked him :

  • What is the purpose of building this product ?
  • How this platform is going to benefit the users ?
  • Which are the common problems you are going to solve ?
  • Who are the actual users ?

What he told me is like this:


What Users Want ?

Next thing I want about users is what they want from the product. What are the things users able to do with the product. What are the tasks/features they want. Its like matching with the user expectations. What user want vs what we offer.


Product Features

Before coming on any conclusion about features; prateek already in touch with some of our early fellows. He discussed with them like what would they expect from this website. How they are going to use a platform like this and so on.

After listning the thoughts; we made a list of all the required features which we feel would be helpful to the users. We had a good discussion over this and we finalised some of them for initial version.


Its now time to work on actual idea. I studied some of other websites which are on same line as ours. From the inputs which prateek gave me, I started sketching the wireframes.


Design & Development

Once wireframes got finalised, I quickly make a design, got it approved and convert it into html/css/js. Developers then integrate this with the backend and this process continues.

Following are some of the features which we have implemented during the initial launch.


Upon signup, user lands on dashoard. He can access all the features from here. A live newsfeed helps user to engage with the product. Most of the features have some partial part in here. User can decide where he would like to go from here. A completion bar is shown to display the progress of his profile.



These are basically the research papers. Research article and papers published by various publishers. Its subscription based services. Subscribed users can logon into account and access the journals.


Case Studies

If their is an interesting case any user found; he can make a presentation in PPT or PDF format and present it or circulate it over the website. Adding a case study is a step wise process, where user needs to input some information regarding the case study. He can then upload the related material in avi/pdf or in image format.



Groups are community of like minded peoples in any specific area. A user can create a group, add tags and invite other to join. One can exchange thoughts with text,images,vidoes or any doc.



Messages resides as notification icon on dashboard. All the messages are shown on a seperate page. Inter personal communication happens here.



All the professional details can be seen here. Apart from that all other personal links also present.


Current State Of The Product

This product has been successfully launched earlier this year. It has been receiving good reviews.

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